Terms & Conditions for Ads


  1. 5-days of Ad booking is mandatory.
  2. Two offers can not be availed at the same time. Aapliweb have all rights to take decision-related to any offers.
  3. Offers are only for the marketing purposes. Aapliweb can anytime stop this offers without giving any prior notice about it.
  4. We do not advertise illegal or malicious brands, products or services at any cost. Right of accepting and rejecting any ad is completely choice of the Aapliweb.
  5. Effectiveness of ads is dependent on many external factors, due to we do not take responsibility for any problem occurred to the effectiveness of the online ads.
  6. Only after successful payment, promotion of your ad will take place.
  7. For any reason, the money will not be returned or refunded.
  8. Aapliweb does not take any responsibility for advertisements or advertisers. 
  9. Charges for large scale ad will depend on the advertisement.
  10. Sometimes Ad approval by Google, Facebook, YouTube and other platforms takes time which will lead to delay in ad implementation.
  11. In Free trial, you will get free ad design and free ad preview with estimated views of your requirement.

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"Stopping Advertising to save money is like stopping your watch to save time."

- Henry Ford
(Founder of the Ford Motor Company)

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