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Amey Deshpande

Abhishek Bagul

Our Story

We are a Jalgaon born Digital agency helping businesses to capture their customers with the help of digital marketing.
Started in 2020, we are helping businesses to compete with e-commerce and problems arising due to the covid-19 virus. Currently, we scale businesses with ideas for marketing, advertising, development, content, technology, design & data.
While the best is yet to come, we continue creating #Aapliweb.

Our Mission

“To market the Indian businesses effectively with ease.”

Our Vision

“Digital Marketing Services for every Indian business”

"Stopping Advertising to save money is like stopping your watch to save time."

- Henry Ford
(Founder of the Ford Motor Company)

Our Values

A team is like a family, you work together day-in and day-out to touch the lives and businesses of others. For this you need a common understanding and values.

Which is why at Aapliweb we have the following 7 pillar values that all our team deeply believe in and connect with.

It Is Always People First. The Aapliweb family and customer happiness is our number one priority.

Empathy — We empathy our colleagues, customers and all stakeholders at Aapliweb. We understand and share the feelings of another. Trust, loyalty and relationships are utmost important to us.

Quality — Focus on stability and reliability. Your business is important and any bugs can impact your brand image. We are laser focused on delivering the best quality.

Courage — Know others won’t and do what others don’t.

Never Settle — We believe there is always a better way.

Keep things simple – Simplicity in everything we do  in marketing, web development, graphic design, video creation, and all other services.

Have Fun — Strive to make things purposeful and intuitive. Everything we do should be rewarding and enjoyable.

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Always Ready to Grow Your Business

Amey Deshpande

Abhishek Bagul